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What skin treatment is right for you?

With much thought and care, every new customer is offered a FREE Skin Consultation with an esthetician. This allows us to understand your needs and make the proper treatment recommendations for you. Our hope is to make you feel comfortable whether you are looking for relaxation or a full treatment.

Tri Coa Med Spa specializes in skin treatments in Spring Hill, TN lead by Chandler Gourley, a licensed esthetician passionate and knowledgeable about skin care, relaxation, and beauty. Chandler believes everyone is beautiful in their skin! Her passion for the beauty industry is undeniable and her attention to detail proves it.

Skin Care Products





Let our esthetician recommend the best treatment for you!

15 min


$ 59

Ultrasonic skin treatment that removes dead skin, improves wrinkles, acne, and sun damage.



$ 59

Mechanical exfoliation of abrasion & suction to remove dead skin and stimulate collagen and elastin.



$ 99

Micro-pens create micro-channels in the skin using a stamp like motion. Implements wound healing process stimulating collagen and elastin to treat scars, stretch marks, and minimize pores. Pairs well with chemical peels.

60 min